Clients benefit of Roland Hoffmann’s over 30 years professional experience in the premium brand segment as an experienced PR director and internationally certified business consultant.



Don't promise what you can't deliver ...




Roland helps international brands and brand-leaders to



     # strategically define their own brand DNA.

                                 # develop authentic marketing & PR concepts.

# use internal and external communication in a targeted and revenue-boosting way.

                  # optimize indispensable leadership qualities as a brand and leader.



His professional background in PR, marketing, sales, buying and production in an international premium brand context forms the highly professional basis for this. Roland holds a graduate as a Degreed Engineer from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. He has undergone programs at international training institutes such as CTI, CRR and ICF and is certified as a professional business coach. He works within the framework of fixed PR accounts and as an independent business coach.



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